Music has the unique ability to immediately stir the emotions or set the mood for a piece of film whether it’s 30 seconds or 3 hours. Just try to imagine that iconic scene in the Dam Busters without bursting into a few bars of the theme or Pulp Fiction without the twangy guitar. Of course whether you use quirky indie bands or classic tracks all music usage must be paid for, even if you are only using it on your website. The fees depend entirely on the popularity of the song, the number of hits your website gets and where else you might want to use it, so unless you are a global company you’ll probably have to forget about using your favourite Beatles track.

But music doesn’t need to be that expensive because the digital age has given talented musicians the chance to bring their own original tunes within reach of smaller companies. Russ has been in bands since he was 14 and, combined with his years of editing TV commercials and pop promos, this gives him a comprehensive understanding of how sound and images work together. He combines music and effects to tailor a soundtrack to the exact style and length you need, at a price you can afford.

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