The next time you sit down in front of the telly to watch a favourite programme, film or even TV commercial try to count the number of times the shot changes, the angles adjust or you jump from one location to another. It isn’t easy, is it? What you’re seeing is the usually, almost invisible skill of the editor.

Russ has been cutting documentariesdrama series,commercials (often with me) and pop promos ever since the early hours of one morning in 1984 when the exhausted editor of a Bee Gees video took a short nap and his ever resourceful assistant (No fuss Russ) thought he’d help out. It wasn’t perfect but Brad Adams saw the talent and an editor was born.

Our careers in advertising were running in parallel so we often found ourselves working on the same commercials like Scalextric, Hornby Railways andCluedo (for which he also wrote the music!).

So, working with each other has become second nature to us and we bring all those years of experience together to make sure that you don’t even notice what we’ve done because it’s seamless.

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