Selling your music: EPKs & Promos

It was suggested a number of years ago that the rise of the world wide web would signal the end of the pop promo by flooding the ether with inferior clips and diluting the market. The MTV generation sadly shook their heads whilst those in favour saw only great potential. But not even the most ardent new media fans could have predicted the impact that YouTube/MySpace and similar sites would have on the world of music. Bands launching albums without a label and artists being signed on the strength of a home made film …who knew?

But now the initial hype has worn off and with literally thousands of films/clips and promos out there how will you stand out?

A growing number of artists are using EPKs or ‘electronic press kits’ to promote themselves and their music. EPK is a general term used to describe a combination of interviews, live gigs, photos and information about you and your songs and designed to suit your budget. We like to think of EPKs as a mini documentary, an antidote to all the manufactured music out there that allows real musicians to be in contact with their audience.

It can include full blown pop promos or be as simple as a series of moody, crazy, artistic photos in a slideshow set to your tracks.

So whether you are a artist looking to get a record deal or a band wanting to launch a new album, we can use our years of experience in music promosand advertising to get you noticed.

Just click on our latest offering for Daisy Chapman to see what we can do and contact us for a chat.

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