TV Series

To be a successful programme editor you must have the ability to organise enormous amounts of footage, have a feeling for the story you are telling and hopefully know exactly what your director is thinking at any given moment. A series editor has to do precisely that week after week, keeping the format and style intact (often being involved in its development) whilst giving each episode its own character.

In the hugely successful original Masterchef series for the BBC, presented by Lloyd Grossman, Russ worked with director Richard Bryan to design the format that they continued to develop for the next 10 years.

Since then Russ has worked on a whole host of different series including ‘A Year in the Life of Kew’, comedy quiz ‘The Staying in Show’, controversial TV reality show ‘There’s something about Miriam’ and Rockface.

I’m sure lots of you will remember some of these shows but for those of you whose memory needs a bit of a jog we will be adding some footage shortly.