Striking Media—Home

We live in the age of the moving image; films on bus shelters, infomercials in shops and even TV ads on your mobile phone. And whilst no one doubts the power of film, many companies still think it is out of their reach. So we set up Striking Media here in Bath to prove that you don’t have to be listed on the stock exchange to afford the benefits of a corporate video or promotional film for your web site.

We’re a small company with a ‘hands on’ approach, so the real beauty of working with us is that you get our undivided attention. We have all our own filming and editing equipment as well as a bank of expertise we can call on if special equipment, effects or extra cameras are needed.

So, whether you want us to film your band, capture alive event, make a corporate DVD or edit that 3-hour home movie into something your friends will actually want to watch… we are here to make it happen.

Terri King, Director/Principal Writer
Russ King, Director/Camera/Editor